Welcome to That3DPrinterDude!

I became obsessed with learning about 3D printers since I purchased my Ender-5 Plus. I have a mechanical mind and have always been to fix just about anything (between instincts and YouTube tutorials). I spent time working on my printer, researching the best upgrades, joining forums, acquiring tools, and eventually was able to build out exactly what I wanted and needed.

Since then, I have been grabbing printers in auction, fixing them up like new, upgrading the hardware and software so they are ready to go, and selling them. After becoming a respected contributor on printer forums, I decided to take my learnings and start repairing printers. This lead me to start my own Facebook community which has been a great place for 3D printer owners of all makes and models to share and support one another, all the way from spaghetti to perfection!

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