Motion type: Bedslinger Board: BigTreeTech SKR SE-BX V2 32bit 400mhz, Silent Build Volume: (X,Y,Z) 250mm x 250mm x 250mm Build Surface: Double sided spring steel magnetic sheet Extruder system type: Direct Drive Extruder style: BigTreeTech H2 extruder Screen type: 7 inch color touch screen, with knob for Marlin mode (3 screen modes) (can integrate a raspberry pi with additional equipment available from BigTreeTech (not included)) Dual Z Multicolor LED system Automatic bed leveling system with Gantry auto-level (G-code activated)

$225.00 $350.00-35.71%

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This machine is a slightly more advanced machine than a standard Ender 3, and recommended for users with experience. It has many additional features built in, starting with the motherboard - Everything on this machine is made by BigTreeTech. The motherboard is a fairly advanced one with a lot of power. The screen is a huge 7" color touchscreen that can be operated in 3 modes, with 2 available at time of purchase - Marlin Touch Screen and Marlin classic (think blue screen menus/knob) The third mode is if you add a Rasperry Pi to the back of the display with the accessory kit from BigTreeTech (not included) and you can then enable a built in Octo-print server, wifi, etc. 

The unit has bed leveling installed, and has (with the proper start g-code) the ablility to auto level the gantry using independant Z motor drives. (Curas profile for this automatically enables it - its called "Z dance of its people" - not kidding). It also has a direct drive that I dont know a lot about, or which iteration of the H2 it is, but it is the famed H2 extruder. It can be easily swapped for more advanced versions of the H2. 

It has built in LED lighting that changes colors for statuses and can be set to a static color for printing. 

All in all, a very nice machine, a little tricky to level, but a experienced operator should not have much issues. Parts are a little tricky too. and tend to be more expensive, please keep that in mind prior to purchase. While I can fix these, I cant support them as easily as a Creality based machine.