Motion type: Bedslinger Board: BigTreeTech SKR SE-BX V2 32bit 400mhz, Silent Build Volume: (X,Y,Z) 250mm x 250mm x 250mm Build Surface: Double sided spring steel magnetic sheet Extruder system type: Direct Drive Extruder style: BigTreeTech H2 extruder Screen type: 7 inch color touch screen, with knob for Marlin mode (3 screen modes) (can integrate a raspberry pi with additional equipment available from BigTreeTech (not included)) Dual Z Multicolor LED system Automatic bed leveling system with Gantry auto-level (G-code activated)


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This is a slightly more advanced printer than a standard Ender 3, slightly larger at 250x250x250, really recommend experienced operators. it has automatic bed leveling with auto gantry leveling due to a dual Z system with independent motor controls. This is enabled by G-code, and by default is included in Cura's prebuilt config for this machine. It comes up as "Z dance of my people". Not kidding. 

It has LED lighting throughout, that changes colors for statuses, and can be set to a preset color while printing. 

It has a version of the BigTreeTech H2 direct drive, but I'm not sure which variant. Supposedly its a H2V2, but I cant confirm. The H2 line has been expanded, and this machine should be a bolt on replacement if you want to upgrade. 

The screen is massive, 7 inches, color touch screen with 3 modes, two are enabled at the time of purchase. It has Marlin Touchscreen, and Marlin Classic (think blue screen with knob style). The screen has the knob and a reset button (do NOT press that during a print) 

The print surface is a double sided spring steel sheet, magnetically attached to the heated bed. 

All in all this is a really nice machine, might be a bit much for a new user, and a little pickier with the leveling, but not impossible for a new user to learn. I just suggest this go to a experienced operator.