Motion type: Bedslinger Board: Creality V4.5.2 Silent Build Volume: (X,Y,Z) 300mm x 300mm x 400mm Build Surface: Coated Glass sheet Extruder system type: Direct Drive Extruder style: E3D Titan Direct Drive, E3D V6 Hotend Screen type: Non-touch standard blue screen with knob Dual Z Screws

$275.00 $375.00-26.67%

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the Cr10-v3 is a large frame machine, capable of prints as large as 300x300x400mm. The CR 10 line is a tried and true line, well known for thier longevity. This iteration is a little more advanced than the standard CR10 machines as it is a direct drive, with a E3D Titan Extruder and V6 style hotend package. Silent board. Great machine for its components, great for experienced users, but new user friendly as well. Larger beds take longer to heat and can be a little trickier to get level, but once set the yellow springs tend to stay level a long time.  Slightly reduced price as this model is a bit scratched up, but fully checked over, and in working order. No filament run out sensor, or BL touch - has provisions for both.