Motion type: Bedslinger Board: Creality V4.2.2 standard (non silent) Build Volume: (X,Y,Z) 220mm x 220mm x 250mm Build Surface: Coated Glass sheet Extruder system type: Bowden Tube Extruder style: Aluminum Single gear Screen type: Non-touch standard blue screen with knob

$85 $200.00-57.5%

Upgrades available (includes parts and installatio: *

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The Ender 3 Pro as it is shipped from Creality has a lot of stock items that while work, dont work well. This model has recieved the "Essential Upgrade" package, which includes:

Heavy duty bed springs - they make leveling easier and hold longer.

Glass plate surface: a vast improvement over the rubber surface that ships with the printer.

Capricorn tubing: a more precise diameter bowden tube that aids in keeping the filament from moving around inside the tube and causing retraction issues.

A full metal extruder: the stock plastic extruder body is prone to cracking and leading to a failed print/downed machine. This is upgraded to a full metal extruder.

Electrical Safety: I add ferrules to the electrical wires at the main board - Creality tins the ends of the wires, and over time they can loosen, causing heat to build up at the connections, leading to damage. The ferrules insure a much stronger, solid connection that wont loosen from heating and cooling over and over.

Each machine is tested, calibrated and leveled, to make setting up at home a snap.