The Ender 3 line of printers are Creality's most popular tried and true models, solid, robust, and easy. They make a great first printer for individuals new to the hobby, as well as excellent additional machines to increase print output. They are also well known to expand print farms as a affordable, reliable addition. Most Ender 3 machines have a 220mm by 220mm build surface, with a minimum height of 250mm. Higher classed Ender 3 Series are usually taller, and some are larger in the X and Y axis. This line of printers uses a moving print bed, where the build surface moves forward and back, (Y axis) in conjunction with a overhead gantry that moves the print head left and right (x axis) and moves up and down on the side rails (Z axis). This type of motion system is typically known as a "Bedslinger". (Please be sure to see policies on printer purchases prior to purchase)